This article is helpful if you need help with a go-to-market strategy for B2B SaaS or if you already have a B2B SaaS marketing strategy and want some ideas for other areas you can look at.

What is the concept of “B2B SaaS Marketing”?

Modern software company founders have realised that SaaS is the best way to make money with little investment, and thus B2B SaaS marketing exists.  Many SaaS companies strive to establish a self-serving, easy-to-use monthly offering.  In fact, many software organisations have been in different forms for years, and their founders are ex-sales leaders, CTOs, or university drop-outs with a huge idea and some coding experience.  It can be helpful to do some self-diagnosis to determine the specific type of technology firm you’re trying to market to.


Enterprise B2B software experts

In these businesses, the buyer journey entails requesting a demo, a pre-sales cycle, and a bespoke setup or installation. Enterprise B2B software businesses will lose market share to disruptive SaaS businesses, but only slightly.  These organisations do better supplying enterprise-grade clients because their product is sticky and hard to shift.  The software has significant business roots. A sign-up online solution can’t replace logistics software with many customizations.

Enterprise B2B software has an army of consultants who assist organisations to customise it.


Lead Generation for B2B SaaS

B2B SaaS lead generation tactics are similar to typical B2B strategies. Most are subtly altered to direct you to a different call to action. Here are 2 ways to generate B2B SaaS leads.

Marketing YouTube

YouTube ads are an excellent way to attract prospects seeking video content. Retargeting campaigns benefit from them.
Include a call-to-action (bottom left in this picture). YouTube video ads are cheaper than search ads.

Podcast advertising
50% of US households listen to podcasts (Nielsen, Aug. 2017). The audience listens carefully during commutes and during workouts.

SquareSpace and MailChimp employed podcasting ads to reach new audiences on Spotify. Midroll can help you identify audience-appropriate podcasts.