When it comes to digital marketing, however, one concern that a lot of companies have is whether or not they should keep their marketing in-house or whether they should work with a digital marketing agency. This is a really good issue, and the purpose of this article is to answer all of your questions concerning marketing done in-house versus marketing done by an outside firm.

Difference between in-house and agency marketing

With in-house marketing, you promote your brand using a group of employees already working for you. On the other hand, when you hire an agency to promote your firm, they will engage an outside group of marketers to do so.

In-house marketing

In-house marketing involves creating, managing, and updating your digital marketing plan with an internal team. Should your company fund an internal or external team?

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In-house marketing benefits include:

Brand awareness

Marketing teams know your brand. This informs marketing decisions and materials. Agencies will learn your company’s mission, tone, and brand over time.


Your internal marketing staff is accessible. Visit their office. Agencies aren’t nearby. If your organization outsources marketing, you want a responsive agency.


In-house marketing teams focus on your business 24/7. Agencies research your brand and develop a marketing strategy, but they also serve other clients. Your firm may require a dedicated team.


Your marketing approach is shared with a marketing business. Some companies prefer to handle their marketing in-house, making agency work difficult. If you like that much control, build a corporate team.


In-house marketing teams have drawbacks, such as:


Hiring one or three people to start an internal marketing department takes time. Marketing positions typically take 50 days to fill.

Staff costs

In-house marketing is expensive.

Check out some marketing roles’ average salaries:

Digital Marketer: $65,000

Marketer: $49,000

SEO Expert: $48,000

Social Media Specialist: $48,000

These salaries average $52,000.


These estimates do not include taxes, insurance, retirement plans, or equipment expenditures associated with in-house teams. The average marketing person costs over $70,000 due to these fees, which represent 40–100% of their income.

An average-sized marketing team (three people for a company with 25–49 employees) costs more than $200,000 to manage.

Software fees

Marketing software costs are in addition to in-house marketing team costs. SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush and freelance services like graphic design and web building are examples.


In-house marketing also limits your team, organization, and money.


Agency Marketing

Agency marketing employs a team of web marketers to grow your firm. Is an Internet marketing agency the best choice?


Digital marketing agencies have several advantages over in-house marketing teams:


Partnering with an agency lets you choose from the most experienced organizations. This benefit lets your company use services that specialize in your industry or approach, like SEO.


Digital marketing companies have talents that in-house teams, especially small-to-midsized ones, lack. These include Google Ads beta features and data on successful approaches and campaigns.


Online marketing agencies investigate and buy marketing products for your organization. Use your agency’s keyword research tools for your approach.


An agency can grow faster than an in-house marketing staff.

An agency can help you boost paid advertising during busy seasons or boost your social media presence. In-house marketing departments struggle to meet those needs.


Many companies demand price comparisons when choosing an agency or in-house marketing department. Agencies cost $20,000–$200,000 per year, while internal marketing departments cost above $200,000.


Digital marketing agencies have drawbacks:


Local marketing companies are at a disadvantage because agencies are worldwide. For instance, your ideal agency may be across the nation.


Digital marketing agencies work with many enterprises, making some feel forgotten. However, an experienced and client-focused agency shouldn’t give you this impression or emotion.


Digital marketing agencies might cause growing pains for companies that like to control their marketing campaigns. Agencies work best with some freedom.

Wrap Up

It can be hard to choose between an in-house marketing team and an agency. We can only provide the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your specific business. A marketing campaign may be manageable for a small business with few clients. On the other hand, an agency may help a small business with a few clients grow. You know your business best, so making the proper decision is key.